torsdag 25. september 2008

Resfjellet i Meldal

Dagen før vi reiste til Norrbotten på jakt, testet jeg formen etter feberen med å være med mellomtrinnet på Storås skole på Resfjellet. Vi hadde en herlig tur i et nydelig vær.

The day before we went to Norrbotten for hunting, I tested my shape after the fever by going with the pupils from ten to thirteen from Storås school on Resfjellet(mountain). We had a lovely trip in beatiful weather.

This was a motive I found when we took a break

And here we go further, against the top

This was the main break, with fire and hot dogs

And my dogs were lucky not to be hot... ;-)
The view was fantastic in the sunny weather

The children had fun in this big snowflake in the mountain

More view


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